Unlocking Your Potential: Top Plyo Ball Workouts for Pitchers

Unlocking Your Potential: Top Plyo Ball Workouts for Pitchers

Pitchers in baseball are akin to the quarterbacks in football; they are the strategic maestros of the game. To deliver that blazing fastball, pinpoint curveball or deceptive change-up, pitchers need a blend of strength, flexibility, and explosive power. That's where plyo balls come into play. These versatile training tools are tailor-made to enhance a pitcher's performance by improving strength, balance, and pitching mechanics.


In this blog, we'll explore some of the top plyo ball workouts specifically designed for pitchers, helping you unlock your full potential on the mound.

1. Plyo Ball Squat Throws

How to Do It: Begin by holding a plyo ball with both hands at the level of your chest. Lower down into a squat while keeping your back straight. Explosively extend your hips and legs, using that force to propel the plyo ball upward and forward. Release the ball at the top of your squat, and aim for a high and accurate throw.


Benefits: Plyo ball squat throws are excellent for developing lower body power, which is essential for generating velocity in your pitches. They also engage your core muscles and encourage a stable base during your throws.

2. Overhead Throws for Velocity

How to Do It: Stand straight with your feet apart, holding a plyo ball overhead with both hands. Engage your core and use your entire body to generate force, releasing the plyo ball forward and downward. Focus on achieving maximum distance while maintaining proper form.


Benefits: Overhead throws are an effective way to boost your pitching velocity. They require a full-body effort, helping to develop explosive power in your legs and core, which translates into faster pitches on the mound.

3. Side-toss Twists for Rotation

How to Do It: Stand sideways to a wall or partner, holding a plyo ball with both hands at chest level. Pivot on your back foot and rotate your hips to initiate the throw, releasing the plyo ball with force. Repeat on both sides to target rotational strength.


Benefits: Side-toss twists focus on building rotational power, a crucial aspect of pitching mechanics. It enhances your ability to generate torque, which is essential for powerful and accurate throws.

4. Single-leg Balance and Throws

How to Do It: Stand on one leg, holding a plyo ball with both hands at chest level. Balance on the single leg and, in a controlled manner, throw the plyo ball with force. Alternate legs for a balanced workout.

Benefits: Single-leg balance and throws improve stability, balance, and coordination. These qualities are essential for pitchers to maintain control and control of their movements on the mound.

5. Plyo Push-Ups

How to Do It: Start in a push-up position with a plyo ball under one hand. Perform a push-up and, as you extend your arms, explosively push off the ground to lift your hands and the plyo ball off the floor. Land softly and switch the plyo ball to the other hand, then repeat.


Benefits: Plyo push-ups develop upper body strength and explosive power, which can translate into greater force during a pitch. This exercise also helps improve the speed and accuracy of your arm motion.

6. Step-Back Throws

How to Do It: Begin with one foot forward and the other back, holding a plyo ball at chest level. Take a step backward with your front foot and, as you plant your back foot, explosively throw the plyo ball forward and upward.


Benefits: Step-back throws emphasize the importance of the lower body and proper stride in pitching. This exercise enhances balance, control, and the timing of your release.

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